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Public Launch Date for Automatic Evelyn Set for

May 15, 2013

Automatic Evelyn has been in existence and in constant use since 1983. Originally designed on a couple of the pioneer home computer systems–the now old, but underrated Atari 800 system, and also the Apple II Plus home system–Automatic Evelyn began its migration from ‘8-bit’ computer technology, to the DOS environment, then onto the GEM-Based (Windows forerunner) platform, then to the PC world, followed by publishing to the Internet, and now currently viewable on the web with standard desktop systems and mobile devices, including Internet-enabled cell phones, smartphones, and tablets.

About “Evelyn” - Changing with the Times

The Birth of Automatic Evelyn

Automatic Evelyn was first developed in 1983 as a necessity to field a 240-player mixed tenpin league in the Washington Metropolitan area, the Friday Fellowship League.  The league was a summer league at the old University Fair Lanes in Adelphi, Maryland, that was comprised of 48 teams of 5 bowlers.  The Automatic Evelyn system was a tremendous time-saver when compared to the old “calculator and typewriter” method of record-keeping.


Since then, “Evelyn” has been used in a wide range of leagues, including youth leagues, senior citizens leagues, country clubs, mixed, mens, ladies, and unisex leagues.  In the early to mid-1990s, Automatic Evelyn was customized into an expanded version, and was used in the operation of the rigorous and demanding “Mens Maryland Suburban Traveling League” (MMSTL).  Through a successful integration of Automatic Evelyn with the MMSTL, the league received local public acclaim in the Prince Georges County Journal newspaper on separate occasions, and during this timeframe in 1996, the Internet was introduced into the publishing effort.


Substantial Numbers

During the years from 1991-present, through further customization, a weekly printed booklet was generated from the processing performed by Automatic Evelyn.  The booklet concept was introduced in 1996 and is still currently in use.  Since 1996, over 75,000 copies of the books have been produced and distributed.  Mobile Internet via “Evelyn” was implemented in 2008, and several leagues have taken advantage of the expanded, or maybe a more accurate term would be “unabridged” Evelyn concept of the box-by-box input system, which yields a much wider and fuller range of statistics.  Using the unabridged version of Automatic Evelyn, over 1,100 web files/pages are produced by the program on a weekly basis for the leagues involved. This expanded data entry system has error trapping safeguards to ensure correct inputting, and the yearly keyboarding process entails over a half million accurate keystrokes per year.  The unabridged system is currently unavailable online, due to the involved input process as most secretaries won’t want to spend an hour or two at the keyboard each week, but the standard system is available and in use as part of the current online Automatic Evelyn system.  Depending on public demand, however, the unabridged system can be made available, if there’s enough interest.


As shown in the graphic, the Internet opens up a portal for the world to keep tabs on a group.  To cite one example, since 2007, over a half million web hits have been recorded on a Silver Spring, Maryland-based duckpin bowling league using the Automatic Evelyn system–the White Oak Majors.  Over 85 countries have been a part of this audience, and according to a separate tracking system using Google Analytics, the White Oak Majors site has an average view time of 3 minutes, 38 seconds per client visit–pretty significant numbers for “an average view time”, and a testimonial that bowlers are fascinated with statistics.

‘Change’ is Constant

One the major and largest car insurance companies recently announced that by the year 2014, the number of mobile devices, which largely includes smartphones, will actually surpass the number of desktop computers.  With Automatic Evelyn being naturally proficient in mobile website publishing, and with generations of league secretary experience built into its system, Evelyn’s landmark 30th year is right on time for branching out, giving you a sensible choice for moving ahead with your league.

The Future

Automatic Evelyn has grown with the times, and as technology changes, “Evelyn” will continue to evolve.

With the capability to read thoughts and fresh ideas from individuals through social media, more innovations can be accommodated through the development of Automatic Evelyn.  

Early and Continued Efforts