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Progress Being Made to Help Rebuild Vermont's North Star Bowl

Hurricanes are rightly considered natural disasters, as shown by the tremendous damage that 'Irene' carelessly left behind. Happily, the concerned citizens of Wilmington, Vermont aren't about to give up on the restoration effort

Efforts are continuing in the effort to rebuild North Star Bowl, one of the victim businesses of 2011's Hurricane Irene devastation. North Star Bowl, a candlepin bowling center, was one of the central businesses and hangouts for the public in Wilmington, Vermont, and was hit hard with over 5 feet of standing water inside the bowling center during Irene's wrath on the town last August. The estimated cost to rebuild the bowling center is $800,000.

Through the unselfish and tireless contributions of many individuals, the center is making terrific progress in its uphill battle to resume its place in the community. A few of the standouts—Lynn Bucossi, Kevin Ryan, and Chris Zizza, just to name a few—have formed a unit called, "The Friends of the Valley Foundation" to try to rebuild multiple businesses in the downtown area of Wilmington in the wake of the big flood.

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