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Kegel's Kustodian Walker Lends Helping Hand to Bowling Centers

Kegel's Kustodian Walker

One of the inventions that could very easily be taken for granted when we’ve visited bowling centers is the KEGEL Company’s amazing robot used for lane conditioning called the Kustodian Walker. The machine literally “does the lanes” for you. Just select the oliing pattern that you want from the 30+ variations available and press ‘Start’. The automatic oiling machine springs to life, easily capable of cleaning and conditioning an entire bowling center! The automaton runs on a battery, and is smart enough to move from lane to lane, all by itself. The Kustodian Walker lines itself up on each lane and moves as far down each alley as the programmed oiling pattern calls for, spreading the conditioner in the appropriate quantities. And it will stop on its own, should it bump up against an oblivious bystander.

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