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Duckpin R & R from the Editor -- Rarities and Reminiscences

A unique set of Ebonite Prolines

We've all seen unusual occurrences in bowling. Just as everyone has a different style of delivering a bowling ball, each bowler, at one time or another, has witnessed something truly weird. This editor has spent a lot of years in the duckpin game, and just to share and preserve a few memories, here are a few tidbits:

With all that in mind, the photo above shows a physical rarity--a one-of-a-kind set of Ebonite Pro-Lines with a truly unique design for this make of bowling ball. Historically, Ebonite's highly 'sought-after' Pro-Line duckpin ball is predominantly green, blue, or black, with a traditional, thin swirl pattern. Ebonite International states that they discontinued manufacture of the 'Pro-Line' prior to 1968. With this particular pair of balls, each appear to have two distinct halves, as shown in the photo here. They're essentially brand new, no nicks, and the Ebonite stamp still has the engraved imprint freshly on it. These balls were weighed on a postal scale, and both weigh in at '3-12' on the button, the maximum weight for a duckpin ball, which verifies the fact that they've never been refinished. They're both 5" in diameter. A real collector's item--in 30+ years of bowling, I haven't seen a pair of Pro-Lines with this unique design. The balls were unearthed at a small bowling center in Virginia. Keep your eyes open, you may end up seeing them on Ebay at some point.

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